Where do I begin? First of all, I've been wanting to go to NYC for a VERY long time (over three decades). In fact, I wanted to live there but destiny had played its part and I ended up in London instead, an equally beautiful and dynamic city.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I knew the tickets were booked and I was finally gonna see the city that never sleeps. Or does it sleep? Let's check out....

Originally, I thought I might split the blog post into two parts but I think by keeping it altogether you'd get a better sense of how energetic, vibrant, intense and to some extent totally bonkers this city can be.

We were fortunate enough to have very warm weather throughout the whole trip. In fact some days were spent in sweltering heat but we didn't complain as we knew back in London people were buttoned up in coats while we were parading in light summer outfits. I actually miss the heat!

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge while getting some spectacular views of Manhattan was definitely one of the highlights. And so was exploring the backstreets of Brooklyn and finding some pretty cool graffiti. Do you like street art?

Yes I danced, I grooved, I ate bagels and indulged in late night heavenly scoops of vegan ice creams. You can't take yourself too seriously. You've gotta have fun and enjoy life regardless of your age, status or whatever you choose to be your perfect excuse. Don't you agree?

The Manhattan architecture is grand indeed and you feel very tiny passing these shiny glass giants. Yes, to some extent some of the areas reminded me Canary Wharf in London but at least ten times larger :) When the sun started setting down the buildings created this magnificent reflection show, bouncing of each other. I couldn't stop taking photos of this mirror magic.

NYC is equally beautiful at night, with the tall skyscrapers shimmering like jewels in the dark. The view of Manhattan was particularly stunning from the MoMA's museum rooftop.

I brought the SO KLARA colours into Manhattan, brightened up the 5th Avenue and perfectly matched up with the yellow cabs :)

Throughout the week spent in NYC I went from being mesmerised, excited and joyous to feeling utterly exhausted and overwhelmed wanting to escape all the hustle and bustle. But I quickly bounced back longing to see more of the yellow cabs zipping through streets and hearing the loud sirens once more. It kinda became addictive!

There had been many highlights on this trip from exploring the Harlem jazz scene and Sunday Gospel (I really loved that part of the city because it felt raw and real), walking on Brooklyn Bridge, taking a night ferry from Manhattan to Staten Island, visiting museums and galleries, going to Burlesque and to invigorating morning jogs in the Central Park.

I hope that NYC won't loose its personality and charm due to the massive developments that are taking over the city. I believe it's possible to expand and go forward without loosing oneself throughout the process. I fell in love with you, NYC, and I look forward to being with you again in the future!

With love,

Klara X


For those who've been to NYC or are fortunate enough to live there, what's been your highlight, the greatest memory or favourite place? Please, share in the comments below.

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(Photography is by me, Klara Capouskova, creative director of SO KLARA. I used my iPhone 7 only on this trip.)

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