Are you all getting excited about Spring? I personally cannot wait; Spring is my favourite season because it signifies a new cycle and you can literally sense the potential in the air. Mother Nature wakes up filling parks and streets with blossoming trees and flowers, animals have their new offspring, days are getting longer, warmer and, of course, are filled with colours. We swap heavy winter coats for cardigans and start planning picnics and barbecues. Yes, I LOVE Spring!

SO KLARA RIO ,  IPANEMA  and  POPPY FLOWERS  decorative cushions

SO KLARA RIO, IPANEMA and POPPY FLOWERS decorative cushions

For many, it is also the perfect time to invite colours into their home by adding some vibrant home decor accessories. Our SO KLARA bold decorative range has recently been featured in ‘Springtime Trends’. I personally believe we should always surround ourselves with vivid colours instead of limiting ourselves to spring and summer only. Don’t you agree?

SO KLARA WILD BIRDS  premium linen floor cushion

SO KLARA WILD BIRDS premium linen floor cushion

Have you ever wondered why people from Mediterranean or Latino countries come across so happy and outgoing? Of course, it’s the warm climate and plenty of sunshine but it’s also the range of wonderful colours that you find in those parts of the world. It is not just bright clothing, jewellery and home decor; it’s the variety of juicy fruits and vegetables, blossoming flowers and colourful feathers of local birds. The range of colours represents happiness and liveliness.

SO KLARA Bespoke Textiles

SO KLARA Bespoke Textiles

For those who do not live in sunny environments, add some colours into your space, allow yourself to be playful. You do not need to redecorate your house or throw away your existing furniture, although that could be an option too if you are brave enough. Think of adding some colourful scatter cushions to your sofa or invest into bold framed art. It can really lift the energy within the space and within you.

SO KLARA framed wall art and home decor

SO KLARA framed wall art and home decor

I hope you enjoyed the post.

Until next time...Keep it colourful!

With love,

Klara X

(Lifestyle imagery by Klara, the founder of SO KLARA and by Adrian Samson)

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