Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you've been invited to a dinner party, attending a business meeting with your new client, catching up with your friends or going on vacation and thought to yourself:"I've got NOTHING to wear!"?

I dare say we've all been there. I certainly have.

In today's post I'd like to show you a few easy ways to incorporate scarves into your wardrobe and create sophisticated looks with a minimum of effort. Plus, we currently have a mid-season sale on all our SO KLARA silk scarves! So what better excuse to treat yourself to some seriously vivacious pieces? Happy shopping!

When it comes to adornments, don’t be afraid of colours and bold shapes. Don't buy into "I'm too old, too young...too whatever!" Focus on key factors: shoes, scarves, handbags and jewellery while keeping the rest of your outfit simple. Reach out for sumptuous scarves, chunky bangles and sexy heels (flats are totally acceptable) and have fun expressing yourself through the choice of your accessories.

Catching up with your girlfriends on the weekend? Why not give a major facelift to a casual top and denim combo by adding a colourful scarf and a pair of sunnies? We picked our RIVIERA silk scarf (on the left) and ESPAGNA silk scarf (on the right), added a few chunky pieces of jewellery and voila! Simple, bold and stylish 'city girl meets rock chick look' is born! 

Meeting a new business client for lunch and want to look smart casual? Pick a pair of shoes that match colours on your scarf and keep the rest of your outfit plain. For an effortlessly chic style wear your scarf loosely wrapped around your neck. We paired up our monochrome EBONY silk scarf with a simple black trench coat and red heels.

We paired up our monochrome  EBONY  Silk Scarf with a simple black trench coat.

Attending a pool party? Why not tying a silk scarf around your straw hat for the perfect summer look. Now, that's chic!


Going on vacation somewhere warm and exotic? Whether you'd be sipping refreshing cocktails by the pool or walking barefoot on white sandy beaches you still desire to look elegant, right? Why not wrap your favourite scarf around you as a sarong? We picked our RIVIERA silk scarf for its indulging tropical colours; the vibrant shades of blue perfectly match the ocean waves crashing onto the sandy beach.


Hope you enjoyed the post and took some inspiration from the styling tips. Keep in mind that accessories are incredibly powerful tools helping us to express our personality without even saying a word.

 If you have friends, clients or colleagues who would benefit from this blog or our mid-season sale, please share.

Until next time...Keep it colourful!

With love,

Klara X


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Necklaces: CERASELLE


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