How to BOUNCE BACK when you feel so damn irritated

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Do you often find yourself feeling irritated, impatient or fed up because things are not going the way you want them to or not at the speed you desire? Is it hard for you to let go of situations because you don’t like the uncertainty of the unknown? I hear you!

In today’s post I’d like to share with you one simple solution that helps you to be less controlling and more trusting.

Go to nature and observe how the natural system operates. I told you it’s an easy one but also a very enjoyable process. Of course there are many self-help books, manuals, courses, therapies that cover the topic of how to deal with lacking energy, demotivation, anger management etc.. But I'd like to keep it simple here and invite you to explore a natural environment as one of the best therapies we have available to us all the time.

In one of my previous posts I expressed my total admiration for spring and since we’re in June now, it means one season is coming to its completion while the next one is getting ready.

And so through the photographs I’ve taken of blossoming spring flowers and trees I’d like to show you that in nature everything’s got its own timing, its own beauty and purpose. There’s no need to force, hold on to or be upset because when one blossom comes to its end it’s automatically replaced by another, equally or even more beautiful one.

I believe the same law applies to our lives even though we often tend to go against it. After all we’re part of that natural system so let's embrace it.

Did you get excited when daffodils and tulips appeared in shops? To me they are the first messengers of spring indicating the end of winter chills and the beginning of a new cycle with more daylight and plenty of fresh colours. Plus, isn't it amazing how quickly daffodil's buds can open up when you put them in a vase of water? Sometimes I wonder if I just sit in front of the vase for couple of hours I might actually witness the whole popping process. I might try that next year :)

Then came cherry blossoms and weren't they simply spectacular? They looked like beautifully puffed up skirts evoking a sense of youth and playfulness. Perhaps that's where fashion designers get their inspiration from for their new garments.

I must admit I struggled with letting them go because apart from being utterly beautiful petaled trees they turned the whole of London into one big pink happiness. While standing under the trees and gazing into the delicate juiciness of their blossoms one could have almost forgotten about all the worries and political mayhem we've been experiencing. I promise, I won't be talking politics here. It's just when you are surrounded by natural beauty you become a bit more hopeful and a lot more connected.

When petals of cherry blossoms dried up, turned brown and started to fall to ground Magnolias opened up their pink goblet-shaped flowers. And they were heavenly! I told you in nature everything is perfectly timed to constantly provide us with a visual beauty. All it takes for us is to pay attention!

Then came delicate blue bells and white bells carpeting parks and woodlands with rich shades of blue and deep purple.

Followed by fragrant Lilacs! I often think to myself how amazing it would be to be a flying insect and dive into these sumptuous petals bursting with colours and perfume. Wouldn't it be fun to be a bumblebee for one day?

And how about this purple and yellow combo in the delicately scented flowers of Wisteria? I'm constantly blown away by the grandness of Mother Nature.

Who wouldn't enjoy blue skies filled with delicate blossoms? Certainly here in London it's a rare treat :)

I hope you enjoyed this post and got a little inspired and uplifted by the colours. Perhaps, next time when you feel deflated or impatient, pay a visit to nature to pause, observe and to remember that everything's got its own timing and when one door closes, another opens.

With love,

Klara X

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(All photography are by me, Klara Capouskova, creative director of SO KLARA)

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