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Is blue your favourite colour?

I guess it must be, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post :)

What does the colour blue mean to you or represent?

I like colours in general but blue holds a special place in my heart and it tends to sneak into most of my designs and paintings even if it’s just a tiny brushstroke. Be it a Baby Blue, Indigo or Ultramarine the variety of blue hues is irresistibly alluring.

When I think of blue I tend to dream of tropical places, coastal landscapes, ocean waves, beautiful beaches and blue skies. I think of relaxation, peacefulness and an appreciation for nature.

I can instantly recreate in my mind the sensation of hearing the sea crashing onto a beach and feeling the coastal breeze scented with sea salt. That’s how powerful colours are, they can evoke memories within us.

Below I share some imagery of the SO KLARA designs that carry the element of water, coastal lifestyle and sundrenched beaches. Perhaps you can be taken back to summer vacations once more before fully accepting that Autumn has inevitably arrived.

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MIRISSA print inspired by my travels to the tropical island of Sri Lanka and the beautiful sandy beaches of its southern coast.

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SO KLARA_HomeDecor_Ocean.jpg

RIO floor cushion inspired by the sights, sounds, and lifestyle of Rio de Janeiro

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IPANEMA scatter cushion inspired by Brazil’s iconic Ipanema Beach and its surrounding mountains.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what's your favourite colour and what or who does it remind you of.

Until next time...Keep it colourful!

With love,

Klara X

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(All photography are by me, Klara Capouskova, creative director of SO KLARA)

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