While in the Colourful and Stylish MELBOURNE

Hello colour lovers,

We are almost at the end of January and before I surround you with gorgeous colours and designs I have to ask you: “How has 2018 been for you so far? Have you entered the New Year charged with positive vibes and intentions? It’s never too late to change your mindset and affirm to yourself that this, indeed, is gonna' be a kick-ass year. You can do it...we can all do it!

In my very last post from 2017 (it sounds so far back but it’s only a month ago) I promised that I was going to share with you beautiful places I had recently visited.

So here I am with my first one; Melbourne.

I had heard so much about this city in terms of great designs, stylish shops, fabulous restaurants; all the aspects I love because they indicate creativity and forward-thinking.

So naturally when I knew "I was gonna' travel Down Under"(this was to be my second time), Melbourne was a total must on my to-do list.

And I wasn’t disappointed. I fell in love with the city instantly. For an obvious reason; it’s a diverse place full of colours. It breathes creativity and spontaneity while it remains super chilled. No wonder so many people relocating to Australia choose Melbourne as the place to be. It’s got the European feel to it too.

We had only four days in this fun city and I wanted to squeeze in as much as possible, especially when it came to art and design. One of our first trips was to the NGV Gallery and what a fantastic experience that was. The gallery layout is superb and it hosts a wide display of paintings, sculpture, installations and design from local and international artists.

The one exhibition that totally blew me away was Del Kathryn Barton’s: The Highway Is a Disco. I must admit I wasn’t familiar with the artist’s work prior to the show but I certainly am now. Barton is the two times Archibald Portrait Prize winner and this is her major solo exhibition showcasing paintings, drawings, collages, textiles and film.

I adored the collages. The whole first room was filled with them radiating sensuous electrifying energy. Cut out pieces of female body parts and flowers cleverly assembled together in such fun and invigorating ways. I could spend ages there just gazing at them with such thrill. If I was an art collector I’d take them all!

Her large paintings are equally captivating. I was totally mesmerised by the attention to the tiniest detail, it’s all painted by hand. Some of the small dots were actually filled with hues of different colours. It’s insane! I thought to myself: ”This woman is complex and a total genius!” As you can sense I LOVED the show. If you live Down Under or are planning an overseas trip to Melbourne before March the 12th, please go and see it. It’s totally worth it!

Melbourne was going through a heat wave while we were there which meant we were frequently escaping the sweltering temperatures to local cafes and bars. There are plenty of very cool ones to choose from.

I also used the opportunity while in the city to finally meet in person this lovely lady; we’ve known each other through a mutual friend on Instagram but never physically met until now. Johanna runs her own brand, Preston Zly, which creates fabulous bespoke leather shoes and has a fantastic studio in Fitzroy with a big fan which we welcomed greatly as it was above 35 degrees on that day.

As you can see I couldn’t resist trying her creations on. The shoes have a very edgy, yet stylish, look and they come in an eye-catching range of colours from cobalt blue, neon yellow to silver and gold. They were all super comfy and perfectly complemented the bright colours on my SO KLARA skirt. Johanna provided excellent customer service by buckling up the shoes for me while I was just relaxing on the sofa in front of the big fan. 

We had a great chat about the ups and downs of running our own businesses as female entrepreneurs. It was a very enjoyable afternoon indeed.

When we came out of the studio we were once again exposed to the strong sun rays fiercely penetrating our skin. The heat was almost unbearable but luckily across the road was a trendy looking Gelateria offering delicious vegan ice creams and sorbets and I was happy. I had eaten plenty of gelato during my trip to Australia, it was SO yum :) 

Evenings belonged to fine dining, strolling through the streets and watching the beautiful sunsets at St. Kilda beach. It was so relaxing!

I loved Melbourne. It ticked all my boxes; great art galleries, fantastic gastronomy, beautifully presented shops with friendly customer service, cool Scandi fused designs, stylish fashion demonstrating individuality and plenty of bold colours.

Note to the city: “Dear Melbourne, if you were closer to Europe I would indulge in you frequently and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be the only one”.

With love,

Klara XX

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(Photography is by me, Klara Capouskova, creative director of SO KLARA. I used my iPhone 7 only on this trip.)

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