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Apart from one wet weekend it’s been scorching HOT in London and looking at the weather forecast it doesn’t look like the temperature will go down any time soon. In fact I think we’re breaking the record as this has been the hottest summer I remember in the UK for the last two decades.

Initially when the first properly warm days kicked in, everyone (including myself) got excited about the prospect of spending as much time outside as possible soaking up the sunrays like lizards on hot stones. After all we’re used to summers filled with cloudy and rainy days over here and now there was an opportunity to actually wear summer outfits for more than a few days. Wow, how fabulous!

But as the days have been getting hotter and hotter there are less enthusiastic sun-seekers exposing themselves freely to the sweltering heat and everyone tries to find refuge in cool shady places instead. I bet fans and portable air cons have become the number one purchases. 

In the ideal world we can all escape to gorgeous locations with outdoor pools where we can spend all day long diving in, sipping cold beverages and snoozing in hammocks and daybeds after doing laps in infinity pools.

So let me take you on a virtual tour of what it looks like when you relax by pools in the SO KLARA style.

When it comes to SO KLARA think eye-catching patterns, juicy colours, energy, playfulness, spontaneity and bold expression.

Whether you plan to just laze around the pool, reading your favourite book while occasionally dipping your toes in the cool water, make sure that you create a fun and vibrant area to relax in. Why not arrange a couple of sumptuous cushions on the floor or place down a blanket you can rest on while sunbathing? I chose Rio, Ipanema and Carnival linen cushions for this occasion as they’re all radiating summer party times. As the names suggest all three cushions I designed are inspired by iconic places in Brazil. I wanted to capture the essence of the beautiful country, its laid-back and playful approach to life...imagine tropical climate, fun on the beach, smiley people, colourful costumes and sexy dance moves. Samba De Janeiro!

When I think of summer I envision platters filled with fresh seafood; juicy prawns and meaty oysters accompanied by a perfectly chilled glass of rose would be my ideal choice. Isn’t it fabulous when your meal is served on beautiful table linen that reminds you of ocean waves and crystal clear waters? I like to awaken all your senses and make your fine dining a real visual experience. After all life’s too short to live without colours!

After a satisfying lunch let’s return to the poolside, shall we? Let’s lie down in the shade, close our eyes and listen to the water gently lapping at the edges of the pool. There’s a cool breeze coming in and it is so relaxing we might actually drift away and that’s o.k. There’s nowhere to rush to, no tasks to complete: this is our time to chill and be present in the here and now. All is well and in perfect harmony!

When the evening comes remember to get the most out of the magical time when you can sit by the pool with your loved ones (or in your own company which is perfectly acceptable and often totally essential) indulging in your favourite mocktails/cocktails while listening to cruisy summer tunes. Watch the gorgeous sunsets and celebrate the beauty that the summer season so bountifully provides for us.

I hope you enjoyed being taken on an imaginary vacation unless you’re currently holidaying already. If you happen to be at work or stuck in cramped up sweaty public transport while reading this I would be delighted to know that the post helped you to temporarily escape somewhere peaceful and beautiful. I know that I’ve taken a slightly different approach to my writing today but why not be diverse and play around? Isn’t it fun to employ our imagination, daydream and be childlike once again?

Have a wonderful summer and until next time ‘Keep it colourful’.

With love,

Klara XX


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(Photography is by me only.)

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